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About Us

We love to design a website and the other awesome graphic. Our expertise and experience enable us to deliver a solution tailored to your requirements, ensuring your vision is made a reality.

Who we are

Our expertise and experience lies in this industry for around 11+ years that enabled us to deliver a solution tailored to your requirements, ensuring your vision is made a reality.

What do we aim for

Being a leader in the technology exploring, Full Stack Team is committed to exporting an outstanding result that ensures the success of your business. The general purpose of Fraction Tech is to assure a the timely delivery of the product and the best quality/price ratio found in the industry as well aim to be a body of innovative, creative and dynamic work force. Thus, we recruit skilled engineers who offer high degree of the product user friendliness through a positive, creative and focused company.

What is our goal

We are a small team of enthusiast programmers who like creating new ideas into reality. We develop creative and innovative products and services that provide total communication and information solution. We always attempt to provide world class services and strive in delivering quality work whilst keeping a close eye on the clock, time management is of crucial importance to us.

Full Stack Development Company

With the growth of information technology the demand of the full stack developers is constantly getting higher with time.

We understand the importance of technology advancements and thus offer you the best services at affordable rates in the minimum time interval.

A good full stack developer is one of those celebrity who can dance, sing, act, direct, host and produce. Similarly our developers are capable of developing a full fledge (web, mobile and software) applications. They possess the knowledge of both front end and back end and know their way around servers, databases, APIs, MVC and hosting environments amongst others.

Our full-stack engineers excel in front-end as well as back-end technologies owning to immense experience backing them up. They possess the wide-experience in switching roles between the front-end & back-end development, thus succeed to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients.

An Ideal Blend of Back-end, Front-end & Database Development

In most of the full stack development companies their solutions are mainly focused on MEAN stack, that consists Mongo DB, NodeJS, Express Angular; whereas, we understand your concerns thus, have added a host of other technologies into the mix. Our full stack developers possesses extensive knowledge of the front-end and back end technologies and can adept integrating tech, like CSS, HTML5, MSSQL, .Net, Python, PHP, etc. into the standard MEAN stack development.

The services that we offer are mainly focused to better serve your requirements and take care of Front-end as well as Back-end development, keeping compatibility issues at bay. Despite the size of your firm, we constantly strive in building a very professional and optimized presence while identifying the tools.


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We develop strategic web interfaces by considering all problem areas, to attract, engage and convert. Its usefulness, usability, visual communication and design smushed with skills in usability, accessibility, and ergonomics to construct user interfaces.

We’re here to stir the current state of affairs via high-end web development efforts in AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Ember JS, JQuery and Material UI.


We are adept at creating stable server back-ends that can fetch data easily and compile it with web interface easily.

Open API's interact with the third-party developer community, backend systems, mobile and web applications, extend customer reach, increaases revenue and finally stimulates innovation. Web API development services coupled with 3rd party integrations will make the web portal running in quick time.


DevOps operations run at full speed at all stages of project delivery. These include: Planning, Development, integration, build, unit testing, static analysis, reporting, trigger deployment, continuous deployment, execute deployment, continuous testing, continuous delivery and monitoring, continuous feedback.

Cloud - Scalable & Performance

We work on AWS servers (highly reliable on-demand cloud hosting solution designed to be scalable for object storage), and make use of that functionality to build and deploy enterprise applications (host system). We are open to utilizing other cloud servers as per the requirements of clients like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Akamai.

CMS & ERP Development

You can Hire Full Stack Developer from us to craft CMS/ERP solutions that are reliable, quick and are facilitated with an intuitive UI.

Web Portal Development & Integration

We provide full Stack Development services and can assist you in developing the perfect web portal for your project, which is fast and secure.

Custom Web API and integration

As a Full Stack Development Company, we can assist you with custom web API development and integration that utilize full stack technologies. With our expertise over a wide range of Technologies, we can assure you to turn your concept into the reality.

Full Stack Migration and Porting services

We can also assist you in performing Migration and porting across the whole host of Full Stack Technologies and ensure a result with zero compatibility issues.

Networking Applications and Dashboards

We’re happy to take full advantage of our expertise as a Full Stack Development Company to craft Real-time Network Applications and Dashboard for your project that are secure, stable and have minimal latency.

Design and Development of Back End Architecture

You can Hire Full Stack Developer from Fraction Tech to design your Backend Architecture scratch or perform modifications on the existing site as per your requirements.

Why choose us?

Look to hire heftily experienced developers from a first-rate web and app development company to prune your cost expenditure. Our developers can skilfully strategize and implement everything from design to configuring the server with integration of APIs and third-party apps.

Skilled dedicated developers

Before choosing you can interview every dedicated developer that you hire. If you decide not to continue with the existing team, we will provide replacement.

Reasonable price

We offer the perfect balance of competitive pricing without compromising on product quality and ensure to charge the lowest in our segment.

Weekly/yearly/monthly hiring

When you share your idea we listen and provide you with the resources which is suitable for your business and requirements.

Solve your business problem

We listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.

Committed to quality

Serving Company’s business is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. Thus, our team provides solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner.

Long list of satisfied clients

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and provide solutions in wide range of technologies and deliver secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications and many more.

Our Partner Benefits

We’ve built partnerships with leading brands that have lasted nearly a decade thanks to the level of care & attention we provide.

Dedicated Team

A full-time, scaleable team of trusted developers.
Dedicated Team

Motivated Developers

Developers are given perks to help them learn, grow and stay healthy.
Motivated Developers

Flexible Contract

Flexible contracts with simple monthly/hourly billing.
Flexible Contract



Hiring Process

You can easily integrate our web & mobile app developers with your in-house team or they can work as an extension of your business.

  • Inquire

    You post your project requirement to hire skilled & dedicated full stack developers.

  • Evaluate

    Our business analysts carefully evaluate project scope & perform feasibility check and recommend dedicated project manager suitable for your business domain.

  • Select

    Our project manager gets in touch with you regularly and help you in selecting the best full stack software development team as per your requirement from our pool of dedicated resources.

  • Project Execution

    In supervision of project manager, your dedicated designers, developers and quality analysts follows agile development process and work side-by-side to achieve the project aims.

  • Sprint Base Project Delivery

    Our project manager takes your feedback on each stage of development and apply it in the project to meet the your expectations in the best possible manner.


Our Clients

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